Best tablet for continuous streaming?

I’m looking for a tablet (android based NOT APPLE), that would be my best bang for buck to set up a continous stream of a camera group that I can mount on my wall. Out of all the different specs what should I weigh more than the other (ram vs CPU). I do have a Wi-Fi 6 (802.11AX) router but the number of wifi 6 andriod tablets are limited. On my Samsung S20 Ultra I can stream my 4 camera’s in a “camera group” all at once SEAMLESSLY, and I want that same functionality in a tablet form. Top of the line would be something like S7+ but that’s $700+ dollars and defeats the purpose of the reason going with wyze (cheap but great quality). Would something like the Lenovo P10 be spec’d enough to handle 4 camera’s streaming 24/7 with no buffering or frame loss? Any suggestions?