Best continuous live stream device

In everyone’s opinion, what is the best device to watch continuous live stream with a V2 camera?

Very interesting question! I don’t think there is really a “best“ device. It depends on so many factors. What is your desired display size? How high a resolution screen do you want? Do you want a fixed, mounted display or a more mobile one? Audio also? Probably most important is how strong is your Wifi and internet structure?
I’ve used Iphone, Ipad , Android phone and of those three my favorite mobile display is the Ipad. Others have reported using various tablets and Alexa devices with success.
I had a large Blue Heron raiding my goldfish pond and set up a streaming display from my Iphone to a 60” TV to monitor it until I got a net over it and that worked extremely well.
However, I think for that type of setup a strong Wifi and fast internet connection is critical. I use an Eero mesh Wifi with a fiber optic gigabyte internet connection so that’s wasn’t an issue, but before I upgraded Wifi I had issues.
Number of cams to view at a time is also a question. The Wyze app limits you to 4 simultaneous displays but other software, like TinyCam Pro allow more. PC software is also available if you have a fast enough PC.
I’m sure others will chime in here with more info - good question!