Livestreaming V3's

I only have one camera using Cam Plus and several on Cam Plus Lite. Since you need Cam Plus to use “Wyze Web View” I was just wondering what others are using to view their camera livestreams on their devices (other than the Wyze App)…Thanks, tlhutch4

TinyCam. The cheap Pro version also has its own web server so you can watch the streams in a browser anywhere (if you port forward).


I used TinyCam for many years with other camera brands and tried it when I switched to Wyze cams years ago. It worked okay, but for my use, displaying one of my camera feeds 24/7 wall mounted tablets, I found it unreliable with Wyze cams which dropped out a lot and also wasn’t available for IOS. If you’re just checking the cameras for a while now and then, it would probably work fine. It’s also been a while since I’ve used TinyCam so it may have improved it’s stability with Wyze over time.

Currently and for a few years now, I just use the Wyze app. I have two wall mounted tablets, one android and one old iPad mini and using the Wyze app, they both display my camera that overlooks my door and driveway 24/7. They occasionally drop the feed, but often go a week at a time without needing to be touched.


Thanks Rayman64…Wyze app is what I’m using also and mostly OK, it but drops feed OFTEN…tlhutch4

For history, before V3’s came out, my feed was pretty stable using V2 cams and the Wyze app. The feed would randomly drop and I would see a black screen on the tablets due to them going to sleep, but it wasn’t bad. Sometimes it would drop only after a day or so and sometimes several days or even weeks without dropping, so overall, pretty solid. However, once V3’s came out, I had all sorts of problems, and the tablets would often drop the feed multiple times in a day and never go more than a day or two without dropping, even worse, the feed constantly had lag by more than 10 seconds and would stutter a lot.

I had a really good Linksys EA8300 Max Stream AC2200 router that would stream 4K on two TV’s at once along with running my large smart home and other devices, so I didn’t think it was my network at all.

Anyway, during an Amazon Pime day I bought an Eero Pro mesh system on a good sale and it eliminated 99% of my V3 24/7 feed problems. The wall mounted iPad usually goes multiple weeks without dropping even once and the android tablet only occasionally drops, but I think that’s due to some android process like a notification or some sort of background update, even though I have those things turned off. There’s no longer stutter or any feed delay either.

I bought the Eero specifically because each node is supposed to handle 100+ devices and I have a good amount. A quick check shows 68 devices currently connected.

I am VERY illiterate when it comes to Routers.
I currently have a Netgear Nighthawk R6900P. It has been reasonably stable until recently. The last few days or so it is dropping my V3 feeds or Smart Plugs constantly. Only stays up for a few minutes at a time then drops off. I can’t even talk intelligently about this problem because I am just not up to the task. Maybe if someone talked me through some troubleshooting it would help.
I normally watch my camera feeds on my iPhone using Wyze app. Additionally, I monitor (sometimes simultaneously) on my Win 10 laptop.

Now I’m having to reboot the iphone or restart the app to get the feeds back constantly. Can anyone help me figure this out ?

This is what I’m seeing many times a day. Note the “Connection failed” In the center of each Livestream on my iPad. This usually just requires me to select the button in the middle of the picture and it comes back online. However sometimes I get total disconnect where it just shows me sort of a black cloud with lightning bolt through it. That usually requires me to go to the Smart plugs and turn them back on.
Very frustrating.

I second this solution. Just smack the hell out of your network(s) by installing the most bad*ss mesh system you can easily afford and you will be amazed by the number of issues that magically vanish.

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Obvious, but did you also reboot the router? I’ve also found that scheduling a nightly restart of my critical cams has helped overall stability.


Well, After experimenting with my issue of the V3 feed to my iPad and iPhone dropping off Very frequently I have found something unusual (to me anyway).

Seems that the feed is only dropping off when I am using the Wyse app to view BOTH the iPhone and iPad feds simultaneously to watch my camera feeds. Since I am limiting to only 1 device at a time now the feed is longer dropping.

Additionally, my practice was to have each device viewing all cameras at once as shown above.

Not sure why this an issue but I have a fix now. Anyone care to speculate as to why ?

Depending on how many new internet goodies you have added over the years, you might be approaching the load limits of that particular router? Looks like it is a 2020 model designed to cover 1800 sq ft and 30 devices.

Also, it looks like there is a recent firmware released for it 10/2022, so keeping the router firmware current may help. Or, to be fair, it may not - before updating the firmware, I would definitely look at some Netgear oriented forums to see if people are reporting any issues with the recent firmware versions.

And like @Customer mentioned, the last time I used a much older Nighthawk, it seemed to perform a lot better with regular rebooting.

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Thanks sodcam,
For now I will stick with my R6900P Nighthawk router. It has not dropped camera feeds to my iPad at all since changing my practice and only trying to view camera feeds on my Wyze app on one device at a time…Thanks again, tlhutch4

Any other thoughts will be appreciated.

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That definitely sounds like the router is getting overloaded. Try setting the live stream to 360p and viewing on both? May not make a significant difference though

My router is performing very well apart from possibly the V3 video disruption under the conditions I noted before.
I’ll research another router but it’s not dropping feeds when I limit to one device at a time using Wyze app to view feeds. Thanks tlhutch4

Follow up question:
Should I be able to watch my V3 feeds using my Wyze app on 2 different devices (iPad. iPhone) simultaneously without disruption or is this a known issue ? tlhutch4

You should be able to do this. I’m able to do this.

Thanks, Then I guess the limiting factor is the Router as you suggested. Will watch for a good sale. What Router are you using ?..tlhutch4

I’ve been using Amazon Fire Stick. And just today made an important discovery there.

The cam v3 never stayed online well for me with the stock firmware. The RTSP one it did for quite a few months but then I moved on from there due to not staying connected.

Anyway, using Fire Stick, you can go into Alexa app and enabled routine to start or restart the Wyze cam automatically at various times of the day, hourly if you wanted, or whatever. Just need to use the option that mimics talking to Alexa such as “Show cam one”.

No more Wyze cam connection issues getting in my way now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Windows 11 pro with Wyze App installed in Android sub-system

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I found that my camera connection issues went away when I scheduled a weekly reboot of my router. I never have to reboot the cameras.