Best Smart Plugs

I’ve asked a similar question previously but am now looking for a current response from people regarding their experience with Smart Plugs. The question is;

Which brand of smart plug do you feel is most reliable and least prone to disconnects ? Also, model number if possible…Thanks

Don’t know which is the ‘best’ but after 75% of my Wyze plugs failed :angry: I replaced them with Meross and haven’t had a single problem in nearly 2 years. :star_struck:

They’ve been so reliable that I don’t even know if there’s a Meross user forum because the plugs just do what I want, when I want and how I want without any fuss so I’ve never had to reach out for help for anything.

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I have had Martin and Jerry Mini smart plugs, Meross, and now all Wyze.

I have not had any issues with any of them really other than reconnecting after internet outages. Other than that they have performed as I would have expected them to.

I essentially moved to Wyze to be on a single eco-system and not because of issues. I find I use them more during the holidays and outdoor needs than any other time.

I have actually started moving to Smart outlets with USB ports included primarily because of look.

I think today capabilities are less of driving force as they all pretty much stack up the same and price is the driving factor.


Interesting comments…Thanks

I had a preconceived notion that Kasa might come out as a preferred smart plug, l was thinking that their reliability was better than some of the others.
My experience with Wyze smart plugs has not been the best. I’ll be receiving some Kasa plugs soon and look forward to trying them out, If they don’t work I guess I’ll try others until I find the one that works best for me

I now use Feit from Costco online. Have not had any problems since making the switch. The ones I used before were not Wyze brand. Although I don’t remember what brand they were. All I know is that they were problematic, so I switched them out with the Feit plugs and have had no problems since.

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I have used GLOBE plugs for several years. Got them on a Black Friday sale for $3 each. They work well for pre-programmed schedules even when there is no WiFi available when switching their On/Off state.

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I use Sonoff. I’ve used the S31 which is feature rich with energy consumption, schedules, timers, loop timers. They seem to never drop offline. Same form factor as Wyze. But I also use the Sonoff Basic RFR2 and RFR3, aka RFR2 or RFR3. These offer a different form factor, as they are simply like a candy bar and you add the ends of an cut extension cord to each end. What’s nice it then allows 1-3 120V plugs to be plugged in vice 1 plug. I use these because of the 433 MHz remote feature. I have 1 and 8 button RF remotes programmed and all over the house. Faster than voice, app or manual to turn them off and on. I use these with Wyze Cameras and 4-6 other non-Wyze products. TV’s, monitors, fishpond pump, lamps, radios, fans, Echo/Echo Dot, For every S31 adapter, I have 2-3 RFR2/RFR3’s in use.

You can find them on Amazon and from the factory in China at

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Thanks for your responses. As I mentioned previously my Wyze plugs seemed to have failed me. I’m switching to Kasa which I thought was a popular and trouble-free product used by our Forum members, but I haven’t seen any responses regarding them on this post. I’ll give them a try anyway

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Kasa plugs have a large following here. I suspect your post has simply not been seen yet by the folks that use them. I’ve not seen a complaint against the Kasa plugs from users here. I’ve also used Gosund wifi plugs, because of their very cheap price and “half dollar” diameter form factor. They are more reliable than Wyze but not as reliable as Kasa or Sonoff.

If you look closely at generic wifi plugs on Amazon, you will often see a big G. These I believe are made by Gosund and sold by many vendors. They generally are all the same. They use the Tuya Smart app. Just be aware. There is a Gosund app for the branded Gosund plugs.

With the Sonoff Basic RFR2 device, I use a two prong cord. And with the Gosund plug, you can (I have) cut the grounding lug off to make it fit a two prong outlet/device such as a screw-in light socket.

Thanks for posting this straight forward questioned thread. Its going to be useful for many folks. This question as come up before, but not clearly. The answers have been posted but to answer, “what’s wrong with my Wyze plugs”.
Something to consider,

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Thanks for your post. Until I heard your response I was very surprised to not get anything about Kasa from my post.

Just took delivery of several Kasa plugs today and installed them. They seem similar to my Wyze plugs but will hopefully be more dependable. Only disappointment so far is inability to see history like Wyze. I’ll be comparing the 2 brands closely hoping for more dependable results from the Kasa plugs….tlhutch4