Best rules when using Switches to make 4 way switch circuit

With the release of the BR30 I was finally able to setup a 4 way circuit controlling 2 stair flood lights.

I spent quite a bit of time looking for this and ultimately did figure out a method to use the standard Wyze single pole switches to make a 4 way circuit work. Credit @jonathon1999 for posting a good wiring diagram (below). The one thing I will add to his diagram was that I used the second stab in port on the “line” connection to plug in the next black traveler.

I’m guessing some other people have figured this out as well. My question is this- what is the best way to setup the controls to make everything switch quickest/simplest? Sometimes it seems like the control will lag for awhile and was curious if anyone had a better method.

I labeled the switches as 1, 2, and master where the master was the one that actually controls the lights (Wyze Smart Bulbs).
All three are set to smart control. Switch one and two simply are connected to master. Master is then connected to switch 1, 2, and the smart bulbs.
Then I put all 3 bulbs in a group to help keep it simplified.

I didn’t create any rules, just the “smart control” feature

This seems to tentatively work (I just did it today), thought it can occasionally seem to lag. Would the rule method be better even if it made quite a few rules to make it work? Any other nifty ideas that I should try?