Best Practices for System Components

Not a customer yet, but wanted to know if there is a Wizard or spreadsheet that can be used to determine the components required for a particular setup.
i.e 1 Sense Starter always required,
1 Contact Sensor per exterior door and accessible window
Motion Sensors - 1 in each bedroom?
Cam - Living room, kitchen/dining, Hallways, garage?

I’ve read a lot of the forum posts with interesting uses of the different components, but didn’t see anything that would help someone to plan out the system.

I just want to get my initial setup and realize that I can get more components later when I figure out further needs.

Thanks in advance.

Not that I’m aware of. Please know that Wyze makes a big deal out of NOT being a security company, and people have some issues with sensor (and bridge, and camera, and app) reliability, so proceed with caution since you seem to be aiming for a home security setup.

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If you are looking to put together a security system WYZE is not the place to be looking.
The cameras work fairly well but the software is unreliable. Person Detection and Notifications are unstable. WYZE seems to mess around with the software and firmware a lot.

Thanks for the feedback. I decided to purchase the Starter Pack so would have the chance to try out the features of all the different products before moving forward with a full system. We’re not in an unsafe neighborhood, so we don’t really need a “security” system with monitoring. Wyze seemed to be a good option for this. Just want to be able to do these types of things: 1. Turn on lights when you walk into the house/room; 2. Know where the cats are hiding; 3. see if someone comes up our front stairs; 4. see if we forgot the garage door open; 5. Check on the house since we live in the path of hurricanes

I’d only invest in the V2s and stay away from the pans…I’d rather get 2 V2s then a pan.

Sense kit just one to start with just to see if it works for you…but fair warning many new and old have issues with them !
For me the sense system has worked for me over the years but not without come and go issues till today.

All in all start with that and give them sometime before investing more money and the set-up TIME !

Wyze bulbs and plugs … I have 2 and 4 brand new still in the box that I bough sometime ago and never tried them yet because of all the issues owners have been having.

I do have Alexa compatible third party Smart Plugs that’s been absolutely reliable for over 3 years now.
Alexa / Wyze integration has been a god sent and for me working great !

I do believe a lot of issues are Wyze server related … IDK if they refuse to invest in more of them or someone screwed with it.

Good luck !

Other than the terrible setup (turn off your mobile data!) I’ve had few if any problems with the plugs and bulbs. Wish I could say the same for the cameras…

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Great, just great, jinxed myself. Found out today that one of the two Wyze bulbs in my Wyze group had decided to unregister itself recently and was acting like a dumb bulb. I was able to reset / re-register it and then give it the same name as before - had to type it out from scratch. Surprisingly then both the Wyze app and Alexa were willing to keep using the old name as if it had never been lost.

Oh well.