Burned and Done With Wyze

We’ll…such a bummer. I have a decent size system. 30 contact sensors (doors/windows/other stuff), 8 cameras, 5 motion sensors, 6 lights, 4 power switches all working great using triggers and rules. It’s all worked pretty darn good for what I wanted. Very inexpensive, configurable. Lots of quirks to learn to get the system stable that took lots of time. Not what I would call a hardened security system but good enough for what I wanted. Then came the monthly fee for person detection or CAM plus. Ok that was [Mod Edit] but I could get past it but now with my contact sensor dying, no replacements, no fixes, and learning that I’ve been completely duped. That I must buy a new set of senors, bridge and must subscribe. I’M DONE. I feel completely burned. What started off with loyalty and patience has turned to anger. I’d rather go buy $1000 worth of Ping security equipment than invest another dollar or minute into this system and this company. Done…


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You can actually purchase the starter kit from the Wyze App under the Shop menu. This does not require a subscription. It provides the hub, a few sensors, and the keypad if you would like to add an HMS subscription.

Here is a screen shot of it:

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