Wyze Sense What do I order - what package do I need?

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I have two Pan Cams. Just now seeing the Wyze Sense sensors (new to all this). I’ve searched the forums and looked at the shop. What do I need? Just thinking about a sensor or two (garage, etc) I don’t want to order anything I don’t need.
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I’d order the Wyze Sense Starter kit. Then, if you want more in the future you can purchase the additional sensors.

I’d start with the starter pack like mentioned. The main hub of the Sense products is the bridge which is plugged into the back of a Wyze cam. You say you have pan cams and fyi there’s a history of the bridge having issues with a pan cam due to the power requirements of both.

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Thanks Omgitstony - then which cam does the sense work with?

It works with v1, V2, and the pancam. I am just saying that if a problem ever were to arrise with the bridge or sensors, I’d first look as to how the bridge is setup. The pancam will work, but has a higher power draw than the smaller cams, and that is also dependant on IR use, and actually using the pan and tilt functions of the camera.

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