Legacy products and new security system

I am very glad to see Wyze with a security system of sorts. I moved from X-10 products to Wyze. Love the V2 white and black. Hacked one as a webcam with firmware. Pancam works pretty well most of the time. I loved the tiny door sensors, except for the battery life and harder to find batteries.

We adopted a boy who would just run off, and we needed to know if he went out the door, so the X-10 system beeped every time a door opened, and we could keep him safe by knowing who opened the door. It also called my cell when an alarm went off, and I did not need an alarm company. I am trying to plan my next steps with Wyze and V3s. Don’t want to have to charge outdoor cams, but I have no outdoor plugs on my 110 year old house for the V3. Other cameras are powered by wires run through windows, or aimed out windows, and plugged inside.

Now, finally, what I have really needed is the security system hardware. But one thing Wyze is not good at, is making the next product integrate with previous products. Example-outdoor cam needs an entirely new base station to work. Yes, I understand standalone features, but I don’t want to have to buy another version of a sense card. Now, it looks like the security system has what you should have made in the first place, a standalone interface for the sense. I have no problem with connection and distance, but maybe others do.

Here is the crux of the matter…I have 6 door/window sensors already, a motion sensor, cameras, remote plugs, and the original sense plugged into my V2.

  1. Will my legacy devices, (door sensors), work with the new security system? A number of people were upset when outdoor cam did not really work with legacy, (already purchased) products.
  2. I don’t need, and don’t want my system to call the police, fire, and such. There is almost always someone at my home, and neighbors who can be helpful. My son’s security company used to call me daily, for false alarms. I want to purchase the security devices without the service. Can we?
  3. You need to form a matrix of what products work with each other, and how you expect your customers to integrate them. Your customer base has lots of tech people that will take advantage of all you can offer, but for those who just want cheap, basic alarms and security, how do we put a system together that works together?
  4. Make it clear when product A works or does not work with product B. Much better to keep frustrations down with honest information, than to hide away facts like things that don’t work together, and make people more upset.
  5. I used to buy component stereo equipment, so that if one component didn’t operate the way I wanted, or broke, I didn’t have to throw the rest of the functioning product away. Please be clear on how and if we can purchase items we need, and not just in a “kit”. I also understand marketing, prepackaging for lower costs, and all that. But you are going up against the big guys, now. Set yourselves apart, and leverage your user base’s penchant toward doing their own thing. Otherwise, we could all spend way too much on Simplisafe, and be done with it.

Hello @FreddyFudd, nice to see you back.

I will try to answer some of your questions

  1. The v1 sensors will be able to connect to the new hub and can do hoe automation tasks but they will not be able to trigger the HMS system, You will need to use the v2 to do that part.
  2. I know they have said sensors will be available later outside the system but I have not heard about using the full system without the service.
  3. That one is more directed towards Wyze, I would not be able to give you a good answer unless I had one up and running.
  4. I will pass this one up to Wyze also
  5. This one I do know the sensors will be sold outside the kit in the future and I am trying to find out about the rest.

I hope some of this helped

Hi, As the home monitoring kits are shipping this is on my mind.
Any word on the compatibility matrix?

My additional question would be, Do you need an outdoor cam base station if you already have the home monitoring kit base station?

Hello @bryank and welcome to the community.

From the information I have now, if you want to use a Wyze Outdoor Cam, you will still need the Outdoor Cam Base Station. I have not heard of any plans to incorporate the ability to connect through the Wyze Sense Hub in the Home Monitoring System

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Thanks! Excited to start exploring the wyze world.