Best camera for recording sleep events

I need a night-view motion activated camera that will record movement during sleep in a dark room and is compatible with MacBook Air. It will be necessary to view the clips in the morning.
Suggestions as to the simplist WYSE camera that can do this.

There are several models that would do this i would say.

If i had to record my sleep patterns and this is a project for me to do, id use a OG standard or a V3 for the low price. Id place a SD card in the camera and set it to record. Id guess i would set it to record continuously to the sd card so that even small movements by me would be recorded and not have to trust that the motion detection would catch everything. For viewing coverage i’d use the app on my phone to look for movement on the sd card playback, then either record clips manually to my phone or if there were longer swaths of footage that id want to save, i’d pull the card and place it in my computer to view the files that way.

The Wyze app is pretty mobile centric, so viewing the app on that device might not be the best experience. I am not a Apple person so i have no experience on that home front.

Why do you need motion activated? Do you want to be notified of something? I think it would be best to record the full night.

I am not a fan of putting a camera in a bedroom at all. Especially an internet camera. Thats just me.

Therefore I would suggest the V3.

The V3 would allow you to add an SD card then sever the internet connection and still be able to record to the SD card easily. The OG can do this as well, however after 30 minutes of no internet connection the files start saving to a different folder on the SD card. You will just need to know where to find the files. Either will work. I am just leary about any internet connected camera being in a bedroom.

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