Battery Pro - Event Recording issue

I’m seeing an issue with the Battery Cam Pro where I have to choose “All Events” to get it to capture any events on the Event Recording. If I choose “Smart Detection Events”, it wont’ capture any events.

The issue with All Events is now it’s logging grass blowing as a Motion Event. It captures People and Pets just fine but it’s getting the extra.

Can I get the Battery Cam Pro to only record Smart Event Recordings? Or at least that’s all it puts in the Events tab??

I feel like this was working before but I noticed lately how quiet the cameras have been. I tested by changing the setting and walking in front of all 3 Battery Cam Pro cameras. All 3 act the same way.

Anyone else?

App 2.50.0(437)

I’m having the exact same issue. I noticed I stopped getting notifications and event recordings on all three of my Battery Cam’s about a week or so ago.

I brought one insided and went through the troubleshooting, deleted the camera, reset and reinstalled. It captured the first event but when I changed the recording to Smart Detection Events, it was severly delayed and then stopped.

I originally thought it was a latency issue with my wifi coverage but can confirm it is not related to the wifi. The notifications and event recordings are more reliable when the Event Recording is set to “All Events” but this is not acceptable and I pay for Smart Detection.

Please confirm this is being addressed.

Agreed. Something changed.

My cameras are catching everything now… all the waving leaves and people/pets/friendly faces. So, they work, they just aren’t ignoring motion. Which begs the question, how does a Battery camera that isn’t on all the time, capture the motion, analyze it, and drop it if no Person/Pet/vehicle is detected?

I’ve never thought about how this works until now??

Someone smarter than us will help us!!!

Dear A.I. Overlords… How does a battery powered camera, only capture and record Smart Detections, and ignore all other motion events? Doesn’t it have to check every motion event that occurs for People/Pets/Vehicles/etc?

I await your response.

I’m having problems as well with no recordings to the cloud using Smart Detections only. They will record to cloud if I switch to All Events, but it captures trees and bushes blowing in the wind. I hope there is a fix to this as my cameras are still in the return period.

I noticed that when the Smart Detection events were not recorded to the cloud, that they are recorded to the SD card and can be watched from it. The only problem with that is I don’t get any notification that the event has occurred…