Battery Cam Pro Motion Issue

For several days in a row now my Battery Cam Pro records a motion event when changing from night vision to day vision. It’s setup on Cam Plus and the Even Recording is set for Person Smart Detection, yet it’s recording my movement as motion but with no Smart Detection. I don’t want every motion event recorded, just people. There doesn’t appear to be a way to turn off Motion Events and just have the AI events recorded, like with my V3 cameras. Or am I missing something?

Once again my Battery Cam Pro recorded a motion event yet there was no motion, nor a motion tag square. There might have been a slight increase in Sunlight in the room, which is probably what triggered the event. The camera never did this when I first got it several firmware updates ago, so something changed in an update. And it shouldn’t even be recording anything because I have it setup to only person events. So, what the heck?!

Another day and once again my Battery Cam Pro recorded a motion event without a tagging square or actual motion, this time there wasn’t even a lighting change event. Not sure what’s going on with this camera.

Had yet another recording event with no tag square and no reason why it recorded anything. This time is was in a dark room during the wee hours.

Did it again, and I’m getting so frustrated. This time it went from night vision to color and record the event. Nothing moved in the video. So then I went into the settings and turned off Detects Motion, what I found out is that it turns off all motion detection. Not sure what the point of that setting is because if I wanted the camera not to detect anything I could just turn it off from the Home page and not have to dig in the settings. What the heck was Wyze thinking?! And what’s the point of setting it up to just detect a Person, when it still detects lighting changes?

Can someone please help me because dealing directly with Wyze is a joke.

This camera just keeps recording events caused by it going from night vision mode to normal color mode. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

It’s a daily thing now that this camera’s Night Vision Mode is set to Auto and it changes between on and off it records, and it shouldn’t be recording when doing this. Can anyone help me with this issue?

Another day and another video when the camera went from night vision to normal vision. Why does it keep doing this?!

Yep, another night vision change recording.

And yes another one!