Battery-powering a Cam Pan 2

I would like to power my Cam Pan 2 with a small marine battery, not a hard wire to an outlet. Is that possible? If yes, how close to my wifi router does it have to be? How many mAH does it use?

It’s not a problem to get any number of 12 to 5 volt regulators so you can run your Wyze camera off of a 12V battery. Here is some I just got:

As for battery size, a typical marine battery will last a few days with one Wyze camera.

As for how close to your WiFi access point, that varies massively depending on distance, what equipment, how clear of a path is there, and quite a few others. You really need to test with your situation.


Its a real (realllllly) good idea to smear some liquid electrcian’s tape or plasti-dip on the bottom, hmm, maybe the top too after you finish your connector soldiering. Never hurts to add some “Nsulation” as we used to say

Fabulous information! Especially grateful you included a link to the 12 to 5 volt regulator.

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I use these on my dash cams. Have endured -5F to +125F and one accidental oops trying to let the smoke out

XMSJSIY Dash Cam Fuse Tap Kit USB-C Type-C Dashcam Hardwire Wire Converts 12V-36V to 5V/2.5A Car DVR Charger Power Cord with Low Voltage Protection-10Feet/3M (USB-C)

They also have microUSB and miniUSB models

Lots of information in this old post about battery operation…

And I recently discovered this niffy on/off switch that plugs right into most powered applications I use.