Battery Low - Replaced and still showing low

Sensor dropped off line… replaced battery, restarted camera with bridge and it worked for one day while showing “low”. Obtained other batteries, replaced again, same result. Batteries at 3.2+ volts. Bad sensor or is there some reset process I’m missing?

I don’t think your missing anything. Every time I have replaced a sensor battery it’s taken a long time, days sometimes, before the new battery is recognized by the app. Why? I don’t know. But it does.

You could try and clean the contact points with a pencil eraser.

Had one recently that had loose (+)positive contacts that read (low battery)…needed to be pinched closer.

Careful on the (-)negative contact if it needs a lift …hold down the solder point when lifting to bend upwards or it maybe at risk from it snapping off at the solder joint …