Low Battery sensor warning does not change after new battery installed

I have changed batteries in 3 sensors several times and they all still read as “low battery”. The batteries are new. Any other reasons that this might be happening?
Thanks - Pete

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I’ve had the same issue just today. I searched the forum and they suggested rebooting the cameras, removing and reseating the bridge, and deleting then reinstalling sensors in the app. The first and second options didn’t work. Will try the third later today.

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Thanks! Let me know if it works :slight_smile: Pete

Are the sensors still functioning?
@aebata has some great suggestions too!:grinning:

Yes, they are still working. Weird…

I have the same thing going on. Brand new batteries reading low battery all the time

I’ll let you know if I solve this problem

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I had the same problem this morning with a contact sensor. Changed the battery, tested sensor, worked great with new battery, checked app… still read low battery. Force-closed the Wyze app, started app back up, low battery message gone. Rebooting the phone would probably serve the same purpose on a grander scale.


Closing then starting app didn’t seem to do much (rebooting is a good suggestion). Deleting then reinstalling sensor (and mumbling a magical incantation) seemed to help.