Sensors offline and batteries low on all

I seem to have an issue where the sensors are showing offline or the cloud with a strike-through on them. The battery level on all sensors show low. They are all tied to a single bridge. I replaced the battery on 1 of the sensors and it still shows low.

I have 4 sensors tied to 1 bridge

The connection shows intermittent because I do see a record every now and then. My garage sensors show no activity at all. They were working and now they are not at all.

What do I need to do? Reset all sensors and add them back?

Thanks, Ray

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Hi, @rl0822. I would try this first if you haven’t done so. It usually gets the sensors connected again.

  1. Turn off the cam with the bridge installed
  2. Remove the bridge and then turn cam back on wait until it connects
  3. Plug the bridge back in and let it connect

Thanks, appreciate the quick response. that brought all the sensors back into a connected state, but the low battery indicator is still present. While I am not as worried about that, I do appreciate the sensors coming back into a connected state.

Please advise if this is a bug or not? I did change one sensor battery and that is still showing a low status


You’re welcome, happy to hear. :slightly_smiling_face: Not sure what is causing the low battery status. That is a strange behavior and so far I haven’t ran into that problem with my sensors.

ive only had one sensor show a low battery symbol thus far and upon replacing it that indicator was gone and everything is good.

@rl0822 one thing to keep in mind, especially will small capacity batteries like the ones used in the sensors. they are especially susceptible to cold weather and it’s affect on charge. so even though it is reading as a low battery, if that were brought into a warm environment and allowed to warm up gradually you might find the battery is indeed not low on charge at all. its all dependent on the environment in this case.

here is a good little read with a quick run down on how cold weather can effect a lithium ion battery, in the example they use, its a phone battery, by the same dynamics are at play.

lithium iron batteries and the cold

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@BAM, thanks for the response and the fact that the sensors are 3 inside the garage explains that. I have one on the window and the other 2 on garage doors. the 4th one is on the refrigerator so assuming that is also true. I did notice last night that after a while the fridge sensor had reset itself to show normal battery level, since I had replaced it. I was going to test one of the sensors in the garage today to see if maybe they are low, but now that I read your response, I suspect that your response explains what is going on.

Thanks, for you help on this

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I recently moved my camera with the bridge and one of my contact sensors kept going off line. If I reset the camera with the bridge the sensor would come back online but within a day would go offline again. When I viewed the sensor device status the battery showed normal and signal was one bar. I just now deleted the sensor took out the battery and tested the voltage with a multimeter (3V). I put the battery back in and re-added the sensor from scratch. The sensor now shows battery normal and signal 3 bars. Hopefully that will fix my issue. I will report back if it goes offline again. My contact sensors have been using the stock batteries and have been online since early access.

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