Battery Levels for Wyze Battery Cam Pros show 0%

This occurs in the Group Live Stream view. Opening the view it reflects the correct level.

This is true for both cameras powered by an Outlet and ones running off battery power

Running I’ve forced stopped and cleared cache… I don’t feel like logging out to check.

App running on iPadOS doesn’t appear affected

Unfortunately, clear data use of forcing the app to go to a clean install [or uninstalling/reinstalling but you already know how to clear cache so clear data is faster] and logging in would be a recommended step there as updates can cause weird app issues when those working on them don’t always test enough of how their app works with an update. Stuff can get out of whack.

It can also just be a bug and needing a future fix and update or potentially nothing you do will necessarily work on that device unless someone already knows of something that might work.

Since it works on the other [OS based] device then it can’t be expected to be anything else.