Battery Cam Pro SD slot non-operational

How about providing “free of charge” CamPlus Unlimited to all purchasers of the above product, until such time that the SD slot becomes fully operational. Seems only fair and just.

If it is important for your use-case, just go load the firmware for it. It’s public access, it’s just in Beta:

Go to the Account Tab → About → Beta Program → Edit → Put a Checkmark on “Wyze Battery Cam Pro” → Save

Now go update your firmware.

They have told people since the day it launched that they were aiming for SD card playback to be available sometime around October unless there was some major event causing a delay, so the expectation was set pretty clearly from the start.

I haven’t seen any negative reports about this beta firmware so I expect it will be released to the production tract here this week or next week if I had to guess.