Battery Cam Pro SD Local Storage

If there is no Wi-Fi after initial setup, can the battery cam pro save footage locally to the SD card on an events-only basis or can it only do continuous recording? Or does it also need Wi-Fi for continuous recording? Also, how much time can footage can be stored for with continuous recording with a 256GB SD card?

Most Wyze cameras (except the OG cams) will continue to record to their SD card even if Wi-Fi is lost, AS LONG AS THEY HAD WI-FI DURING STARTUP.

I assume the battery cam pro is the same, but can’t confirm.

I have a 128 gb SD card in mine and it lasts about 15+ days, so 256 will probably be over a month. There are many users who use 256 who can confirm.

My Battery Cam Pro and V3 have gaps even when WiFi is on but no internet, when WiFi is off, sometimes cameras record continously, sometimes not, I guess it is up to Wyze developers. On Sandisk Extreme 256GB there is no way I get more than 12 days. When there is some movement and I view recording playback, video slows down during movement fragments, camera struggles to play recording

I get 14 days of continuous recording on a 256GB card when Recording Resolution is set to 2K and 25 days when set to HD.