FLP SD Local Storage

If there is no Wi-Fi after initial setup, can the FLP save footage locally to the SD card on an events-only basis or can it only do continuous recording? Or does it also need Wi-Fi for continuous recording? Also, Wyze advertises up to 30 days continuous recording with a 256GB SD card. I was wondering whether anyone has experience of whether this is true or if it’s a lot shorter than 30 days.

I am currently recording Continuous on my FLP in 2K quality set to IR NV Auto to a 256GB HE SD Card.

I am getting approximately 16 days of video history. I have not tested it in HD Quality. It is conceivable that setting the cam to HD quality would extend the length to 30 days, however I cannot confirm this. Placing the cam in Color Vision 24\7 will also extend card history since IR NV video files are larger.

The cam will continue to record to the SD Card if WiFi or Internet is lost after initial setup.