Floodlight SD Local Storage

If there is no Wi-Fi after initial setup, can the floodlight v1 save footage locally to the SD card on an events-only basis or can it only do continuous recording? Or does it also need Wi-Fi for continuous recording? Also, how much time can footage can be stored for with continuous recording with a 128GB SD card?

Since the V3 is the Cam controlling the V1 Floodlight, it will continue to record to the SD Card if WiFi or Internet is lost, so long as it remains powered during that time.

If it is unplugged or loose power, even if it regains power, it cannot restart SD Recording until the WiFi and Internet is restored.

The cam firmware is responsible for the Motion Detection recording to the SD Card. Motion Events Recording will continue if the WiFi or Internet is lost. The V3 records every single minute if SD Recording is lost. Set to Motion Events Recording, if there is any motion within that minute, it saves the video file.

Continuous Recording saves every one minute video file regardless of motion. This continues if WiFi or Internet is lost.

The amount of data you get on the card depends on your settings. Event Recording uses less space because it only saves select video. The length of time depends on the number of events.

The Video Quality also determines how much time you get on the card. SD Quality generally produces about twice the time saved as HD Quality. The amount of time your can spends in IR Night Vision will also change the space used.

I record continuous @ HD Quality on my V3 Cams in Auto IR NV using a HE 256GB SD Card and get an average of 24 days. You can expect about 12 days from a 128GB card with similar settings.