Battery Cam Pro not working if wireless is down

Hello, just curious if anyone knows if Battery Cam Pro will record if not connected to wireless. I have the camera on my RV, works fine if I have Starlink up and running. When I go to bed I don’t run Starlink all night and in the morning the camera is disconnected. Fire up Starlink and it is working again. I want to have coverage all the time, atleast recording’s to the sdcard. Anyone have any experience with this?

Wired cameras will record to SD card as long as there is no power loss to them. I don’t own a BCP but I guess when it wakes up it needs WiFi to talk to Wyze servers.

Out of curiosity, why do you turn Starlink off at night?

It uses around 40 watts and I don’t want to drain my batteries when I don’t need to. I generally camp where there is no shore power. The BCP is always powered by the battery, you would think that would be enough to record to SD.

This says it will work even if it is offline. But WYZE says a lot of thing so if I were you I would do a short test during the daytime while you are awake. Just turn off the wifi and run around in front of the camera for a while. :grin:

That makes sense, thanks for clarifying.

I will definitely test that and let you know. I am a bit skeptical, but we shall see.

Well, it does record without wifi, but when you reconnect wifi and open the sdcard, nada. You need to pull the card from the camera to view the recordings. Kind of a pain.