Bat? Or not

What could this be flying around my apartment at night? We have bats in the attic and I get paranoid that they get inside.

@jamen It’s not a bat or anything to be alarmed about. It’s just small dust particles that appear much larger in front of the camera. The IR lights reflect on those particles that fly around in the room making them look much larger than they actually are. If you do a search on the forum you will find countless videos and posts about this same topic. See some of these threads in the link below and I’m sure you will some similar videos. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is a very tiny moth flying by my cam and it looks like it is 10x larger than the actual size of it. Take a look. :wink:

Tough to tell for sure, but the IR lights will reflect off things close to the camera and make them appear brighter. In the case of very small objects, that can also make them seem bigger. I think it’s just a bug of some sort. Moth, fly, etc.

Look at the size of this spider. Bigger than the car. Thanks to WYZE for discovering this new species. Should be named the WYZE spider.

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