Any guesses?

Can anyone guess what flew/floated past my camera when no one was home around 2:00 am?

Hah! I tried to frame by frame it, my guess is a moth or bat? lol Personally, I’d probably be packing about now! lol

I get that all the time. I think it’s just dust particles.

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Don’t think it’s dust particles. I have a very similar image that was captured at a similar time but my camera is outside under the eave by my back door. I was thinking it was a moth or something but now that someone else is getting the exact same image, I’m wondering if it’s something in the camera itself.

Small bug…


I’ve had the same thing. AND at about the same time between 2-3 am.

My guess is dust, small bug, fly or something like that. I had this happen to. Scared me to death to get a notification after I went to bed. I had recently turned the sensitivity level up to high. Well dang, it found a few more mysterious white things, my anxiety level also reach an all time high. I had to turn down the sensitivity level back to medium. I want to experiment with it on low to see if that will alert me to larger things in motion. Of course, if it did alert me to a larger thing (like a human), I might die of fright.

is it me or that night vision turn your 1080p into like 480p ?

I get the same thing also. But mixed in with the common streaks, dust I assume, are what looks like to me controlled flight! A few small bugs I’m guessing. More bazaar than that I had 4 outdoor security cameras. One very nice summer night I notice in my monitor what looked like a snow blizzard going on all around my house! Right away I ran outside to see what was going on only to find nothing! After giving this much thought I concluded it was the infrared illuminating humidity particles in the air. Strange to see though in the middle of the summer.

I’m having this exact issue with 2 cameras. 1 is in my garage and one is outside, it’s winter so it’s not bugs, and dust I doubt it!

It is a small bug.

Why are people so surprised about bugs? It is impossible to kill them all.


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I have captured several images and it is difficult to say mine are insects or birds because it is 20 degrees and no birds in this building. Plus I had a floating globe.


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I looked at it frame by frame and it looks to me like a piece of paper falling. is has a rectangular shape, and in the last frame it’s in you can see a clearly defined corner. No idea how or where the camera is placed, so the likelihood of a piece of paper coming into frame is unknown. And I’m also not ruling out the possibility that the paper was released by a ghost or a bug.

I was seeing these, too. I’m a skeptic, so calling these things paranormal is an extraordinary claim that would require extraordinary evidence. Dust and pollen seemed the most plausible explanation, but some of them seem to fly purposefully along guided, non-linear paths: aig-zags, curls, even loops. This is not like the dust I see floating through a beam of sunlight.

So, I did an experiment with a sofa pillow. I hit it with my hand, and voila, lots of specks flying in non-linear paths. Why do they behave so erratically compared to dust in sunlight? The IR emitters are next to the lens, so the particles we’re seeing on our IR cameras are very close to the lens, closer than the focal point. Any movements are magnified and exaggerated beyond what we see with the naked eye. Small eddies and currents in the air near the lens are causing all sorts of seemingly intelligent and guided movement, but it’s just… dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind. :slight_smile:


funtongue is correct. There is nothing paranormal about this. He provides a simple test you can reproduce. Google for

strange floating specs IR camera

and you will find many reports about this. And there are some wacky claims made in some of those reports (fallout from geoengineering programs). I suggest looking up “Argument from ignorance” before believing extraordinary claims.

The first time I saw it, it freaked me out too, because I was in the basement testing the night vision and I was holding the camera in one hand and my phone in the other. I thought there must be a flying insect, but I couldn’t hear anything.

You only see these when the IR LEDs are on, and it is just the light reflecting off a small particle that is very close to the lens. It also happens with fog. It will appear like a snow storm to the IR camera. Search for “Fog under IR light” on youtube.

Think about this. How does dust get on the top of a bookshelf that goes nearly to the ceiling? There are always air currents in the house due to convection from heaters, fans, people walking, even convection from the sun warming a wall.




It’s a bug attracted to infrared lights, I see them all the time.

I have seen spider webs grow in my carport in -30 degree weather that have set off the motion detection.

Dust particles floating by will cause the same thing and will some times look like a bug. Air conditioning / heater blowers will circulate the particles around the room and in front of your cam.


You should read this…

Remember old western movies when the stage would roll into town. The spokes of the wheels would appear to change from going forward to backward as the stage slowed down. Motion when photographed frame by frame can appear misleading. Ever see a flying helicopter with stationary rotor blades? That happens when the rotor rotation is synched to the frame rate.

Similarly, dust can cause a similar illusion.

The tiniest ufo ever caught on camera, or a moth.

It was a pixie!

I have a similar one when I slow it down it looks like translucent light stream the interesting part is it seems to make a sound as it hits something- any thoughts? (409 KB)