Possible bats?

We have a bat issue, none have gotten inside The apartment (yet?). They are small bats so I’m paranoid. I’m wondering what these could be. I attached one where I was walking to move a chair in the dark one night. If it were a bat I would hear it right? I see in this video it’s flying like a bat would.


Flying bugs. They seem to be attracted to the IR emitters in the cam. When they get close - they look HUGE!

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Just small bugs or particulates in the air illuminated by the IR.

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If it was a bat, you would know it. You would hear the sound of their wings moving the air in the room and it would keep flying in circles around the room. I have had bats fly down my chimney and into the living room. Its quite startling to say the least. I caught them in a Dollar Tree butterfly net for kids that I use to catch bugs that get inside the house in the summer.

I just got paranoid it landed on something instead of circling the ceiling. I’m hoping it was just a bug or dust but the way it was flying looked like a bat.