Bats or Bugs?

We get these visitors every night.


Insect. Big insect.


Here’s a close-up of one from another night.

Cool. But I don’t see a bat. Not a bat wing. Stand with large
flying insect of some sort. Probably one of the huge frigging
cockroaches called a palm roach in Florida. Don’t know where you
are. I raised a few bats, rescue deal. That’s not their wing,
very easily identifiable. But it’s ok. Just differing opinions.
I’ve gotten the same video for months now… off and on. What I
did to combat it is go with remote IR light mounted away from the
camera to light up the area but not bring insects into the picture
itself. Turn off the IR light on the camera itself. It attracts
insects. Spiders. Pain in the butt. Good luck.

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I’m in the Pacific NW and we don’t have any flying roaches (thankfully!). The only bug possible would be a crane fly perhaps.

I’ll check on using a remote IR, thanks.