Will the Wyze Motion pick up a bat inside?

Well, long story short I may have a bat inside my house. I have a slew of Wyze cameras that are supposed to show up today, only waited two weeks…

Before I find permanent locations, I thought about placing the cams around the house to see if it picks up this bat that may be flying around inside. Will the motion detection pick that up?


Trying to track this guy down and make my wife sleep a bit better at night.

Considering that motion detection easily spots insects (with night vision on), I think it will have no problem spotting a bat that flies into view.

did you get any wyzecam footage in the end?

Even the smallest bug, is tracked !

So a flying Bat? No Prob !

I got footage of a rail to rail hopping an in flight, blue Jay !

Now a flying Louisville Slugger bat?
That could be a problem !