Can anyone tell me what this is?

This flying critter looks too big for my liking!!!
Does the flight pattern indicate what this is?

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Teeny tiny moth.


Great, because I thought it might have been a bat.

The IR night vision lights make even little tiny bugs look huge when they fly by close. I had a little spider dangling in front of the camera one time that looked like a tarantula.

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When you understand how close the cam can focus, even a thin spider web a tiny fraction of an inch from the lens can seem like a rope, lol.


Due to the longer exposure for each of the frames, and the speed of the bug, it makes it look like flying barbed wire. It’s just each frame has the bug flapping it’s wings a few times. If you see any moving “orbs”, those are dust or air particulates. :slight_smile:


Agree, a moth. I see them all the time like this.

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The pentagon called, apparently you’ve encountered UFO tic-tacs and they are concerned for the fate of humanity.