WTH are these? Spiral Orbs?

Does anyone have any idea?? This will only let me out one of up. I’ll add another one if I can.

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A video clip is usually better to identify from, but they are usually dust particles or small bugs close to the lens.

#1 is ambiguous to me, but #2 is a tiny bug (you can see the wings flapping, which in a still pic makes it look like a long centipede).

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Dunno, just looks like a dog and a kid to me.

@KatsL8 Welcome to the community!

I bumped up your trust level so you should be able to upload more files. A video would be better to see what is taking place.


Have seen those too. It wasn’t until I had one camera looking at another camera that I saw the are caused by bugs close to the lens of the camera or in the cases of this picture the bugs wings are moving a faster frame rate than the camera is sensing. It’s a strobe light effect.


I’m pretty sure that’s Lucille Ball’s ghost. She’s visiting because of her picture on the wall. :grinning:

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Bugs are certainly a reasonable explanation. It was the speed that surprised me. I’ll upload some of the videos.

:rofl::joy: I’m a fan, if you can’t tell.

Thank you! I uploaded some videos.

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I have a couple of cam in my crawlspace trying to figure out how rats are getting in. You would see the videos of the moths and spiders I’ve recorded. Still can’t figure out where the rat are getting in.

You need to send these UFO videos to the Pentagon. This movement of the vehicles you have in your videos is something I’m sure military intelligence could not explain.

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@KatsL8 Definitely a tiny insect flying in front of the IR lights on the cam. The reflection makes them look much larger than they actually are. I’ve seen dozens of videos similar to these. You can see the super fast wing movement in your video.

Another similar example and explanation in this thread below.

Nice! I had not thought about those bring individual wings flaps, it makes sense. I could not think of an insect that flew that fast until a fly buzzed my head. If I can catch one (that’s a big IF), I’ll let it go in front of the camera. Thank you!


roswell rods

They’re flying bugs, often moths. Their wing beats have a relation to the frame rate that gives weird results, so you see these little “sprites” in the videos. Fun! The first time I saw one I thought it must be aliens. :slight_smile:

Are you sure it’s not a UFO? Maybe we should send to Air Force to investigate.

Not really weird results, just a simple multiple exposure time lapse effect as it moves.

Try telling that to the folks at the Air Forces. They have a UFO video of a bird and folks refuse to believe it’s a bird.

I know! The whole “booga booga see the government says aliens are real” has been one of the stranger developments in this blessedly slightly less ridiculous year.