Dust or Orb? I'm baffled

I see that all the time on my cams. Just a small dust particle reflecting off the IR lights. It always appears much larger than it actually is by moving in front of the camera. If there is a HVAC vent near by it will cause this to happen often.


That there is a prime example of a sub sonic dust particle caught in an internal air stream! Probably headed towards the furnace filter or air return.

Or it’s a very small alien exploration vessel which should be reported for not using the proper marker lights.


Thanks for your reply! I don’t have heat on yet so I don’t think it has to do with the vent - plus it seems to come out of the chair. And if it was dust, why would I just see it on one occasion and not nightly?

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Unique dust particles are very shy. They won’t come out if they know you are watching for them. You have to uneek up on them. :joy: :rofl:


Youtube video, not me


Yeah, my vote is a ghost orb. No doubt about it. I saw something similiar on one of those TV Paranormal shows. Perhaps a long lost relative checking in? I wouldn’t worry about it. Ghost orbs are harmless … atleast I think they are.



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While I do think we get some orbs, they are more likely something else. I took a picture on a snowy night and every snowflake looked exactly like an orb. On the other hand, I had a regular security system camera picking those things up all the time. Also tiny insects such as baby spiders can look like that when clustered around the camera face. When, for the first time in my life, I smudged my house (all my batteries were going dead in short periods of time), the picture from my camera was totally free of orbs! So, I have no idea how to tell the difference.

If it was on Ghost Adventurers, Zack would be telling you it’s the spirit of someone who just finished dinner, leaving the chair, and then turning off the light as it leaves the room. Notice how the green box’s first key to the chair then the switch. Proof it’s an orb.

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Yes, definitely an orb. I’ve had no activity since, so it’s not dust. Now I have to figure out who is here!