Base wifi

I’m trying to connect to my Waze base via WiFi as suggested, I change pass code and still getting password invalid. Any idea??

Thank you

From what you’re saying it sounds like your base station isn’t plugged into your router/access point. The base station must be plugged in to power and your router with the ethernet cable.

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Good evening,
The base is connected to my router via Ethernet cable. I even turned off my mobile data as suggested and still unable to connect. I can connect to the out door camera through travel mode but not the base. Also realized the base is not storing or capturing video while my SD 64 gigs is installed any suggestions on that as well would be great. The SD card was used on my Pan cam since launch. Thank you

Is your Wyze app up to date?
Have you tried deleting the base station and reinstalling it to the Wyze app?