Base powered via POE

So I got kinda sick of the poor WIFi support of the Base Station. ( it loses connection randomly @ 35 feet from router. I have 42 other devices on that segment with not a single one losing connectivity or not coming back up connected after a power issue. It’s security is poor compared to current wifi devices, It gets confused if you have the same SSID for 2.4 and 5 ghz and multiple overlapping access points. And the BIG downside is you can’t reboot it remotely unless you add a wifi / Zwave, Zigbee or timer into the power cord.
My solution to all those ( and more ). I mean I like the camera and their range ( I’m my case ) is 300+ yards to the gates and powered by a 6 watt solar keeps them at 100% always. They upgraded the outdoor cameras, but kept the old base.
I cured my issue for $20. POE to barrel 12 volt 2amp with and a 5.5x2.1mm Female Jack to 4.0x1.7mm Male Adapter Barrel Connector. Now I can reboot it remotely via my business class managed Switch dashboard by turning off the POE to that port, wait a few minutes and re-enable it,
The picture is my “test” setup before I went live.

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And how does your Wi-Fi work at 300+ YARDS?

No problem. I use a bunch of Omada (tp-link) wired (POE) access points outside so the whole acreage is covered. I use the Omada hardware controller and it manages / optimizes the whole system.
I ran direct bury out to a building from the house then ran direct bury Ethernet out from that building to everywhere else that had power or POE would cover range wise.
I don’t really know the distance a singular AP covers as they mesh together.
A neighbor 1/4 mile away “sees” my network.

This may be the most positive thread I’ve read about the WCO. :slight_smile:

Nice work. I do wonder why, with such a sophisticated setup, you didn’t just add PoE cameras instead of using the battery cams. Range and fewer drops I guess.

The battery cams are really just to watch (our pets - as the app calls them ) down at the creek or a rocky game trail place where running wires just isn’t practical or possible ( but a $60) cam/ solar setup that could get flooded, damaged is a cheap way to “see our guys” as the wife calls them.
I could put a camera 150 feet away, but a creek camera 10 ft away 1 ft above the water is 100% cooler.
I’m going to put in two owl boxes, so wireless / solar on an adjacent tree will go up there also.
With the POE solution of the Base it opens up a lot of options for extending coverage - cheaply.

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