Back To Oct 8th

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if there is a way to go back to Oct 8th to view recorded events. I’m thinking I’m out of luck. The camera does have a sd card in it.

Are you recording continuously or just events on the SD card?
Did you try looking at SD Recordings?

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Do you access the sad recordings through the app?

Yes. Open a camera live view. Tap on the green View Playback button at the bottom.
In the middle of the Playback screen you should see today’s date. Tsp on it,a calendar will pop up. Pick Oct 7. Tap the > symbol will tske you to the next Event.
You didn’t say whether you have the SD set up for Events or continuous. If it’s continuous I doubt you’ll have snything for the 8th. Too far back. If it’s Events only you should have thd 8th.


Thanks a lot for you help. I never noticed the date there to click on before. I am only event recording but nothing was there for the 8th.

Did you go to the 7th and tap >? Where did it take you?

Went to the 8th. Was empty. It’s of my front step and picks up the street so there are a lot of events.

Too bad. Was worth a try and now you know how to use it. :blush: