Recorded events disappear at midnight

Has anyone else seen this problem? My cameras will record events during the day; but at midnight they all disappear and start recording anew. How do I review recorded events from the prior day(s)? All cameras and the base stations have microSD chips. I have looked at all kinds of settings; but don’t see anything that would affect this. I contacted Support, sending them screen shots, etc.; but they ultimately closed the ticket saying they couldn’t figure out what the problem is.

You have calendar dates at the top of the Events page. Just click on the date you are interested in. :slight_smile:


If viewing events on the event page you can go back through the dates as @Newshound states.

The SD card will store either events only or continuous. Continuous recordings can be viewed in the live view by clicking view playback, but it will automatically overwrite the oldest footage once full, so you can only go back as far as what has not been overwriten.


Thank you. Inobservant newbie here! Wonder why Support didn’t tell me this.