Sd card recording 6

What is the difference between event viewing and playback viewing.
Our place is like a rail way station l have switch off at night to save memory.
When I am in events I can delete all over non urgent events.
But they still show up on playback
Can I delete some of the playback from the SDcard
Thanks Graeme from nz

Events are the 12-second clips sent to the cloud when an event trigger occurs, like motion detection, or a trigger from a sensor. Deleting those only deletes the 12-second clips from the cloud. It has no effect on the separate SD card operation.

Playback is a look at your SD card, which can be in continuous record mode or events-only mode. When it is in events-only mode you will see 1 minute of recording on the local SD card for every movement detected. To delete these you would either need to reformat the SD card (delete all) or get fancy and take the card to a computer.

However the SD card will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings when it gets full. So unless you need space for a time lapse or are embarrassed by something, there is no reason to delete anything on the SD card.

The 12-second clips also expire and disappear from the cloud after 14 days, so you really don’t need to worry about deleting anything anywhere.


Very good understand now .will carry on as normal and just switch off at night
Thanks Graeme

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