View Playback / Events - ability to select a date and time of recordings to view

I’d like to be able select a date and time and then quickly go to that video segment in the SD card recorded View Playback or go to the Events video recording that most closely matches that date and time. As it is now, (a) with View Playback, you have to scroll to the left and wait for the SD card to load the date/time segment; (b) with Events recordings, you have to scroll all the way to the end (e.g., it’s 9pm right now and I want to see if any events recorded earlier in the day at 2am – if a lot of events are recorded during the daytime such as people walking on the sidewalk, then I have to scroll through a lot of Events before getting to 2am recrordings.

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You can select the date. As for time, pinch in on the timeline and then you can quickly scroll across the day. Then pinch in to get more detail. I agree, it would be nice to be able to select the time better.

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I agree. see user01 request.

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