Back button (app and Android) skips back to app home page

App. V2 48.1.381

Any settings sub menu.
An example…I can be all the way into settings sub menu to turn on detection zone, turn it on or off, then when i hit the back arrow, it sends me all the way back to home page.

Does the same thing when i select events, then selected an event to view, it loads, it plays, when i am done viewing that event clip and hit the back arrow, bam…all the way back to home page.

Both cameras. Pan V3


Android/phone’s back arrow or the Wyze app back arrow in the upper left corner?

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Wyze has no control over your Android back button.

What brand of phone/tablet are you using and what version of Android is installed?

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Does it with the app back arrow as well.
Samsung S22
Andr: 14

This is definately something new. Never experienced this in the first two months of use with latest cam firmware and app versions available back in Nov.


I tried to reproduce using Android app version on Samsung phones and tablets under Android 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 in both portrait and landscape orientations with no luck. Perhaps @Mavens can help reproduce this issue. I have seen your issue in beta testing some other cam’s UI (Battery Cam Pro?), but it appears to have been corrected.

In the meantime, I’ll be moving relevant non-error code 4 posts to a new topic for better visibility. You may also wish to open a ticket specifically for this issue and give CS a log ID or 2. And also post ticket number and the log IDs in this topic.

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Updated app to
Still does it with both app and android back arrows.
1328394 Log ID
3690000 Ticket ID

i am still having this issue for at least 5 or 6 months now it makes doing anything at all in app not possible. I have posted about it I have sent logs can this be fixed please its likely more common than ppl realize. Unless your actively searching for a clip, changing settings a lot you likely wouldnt notice watching ungroup cameras going back would put you back on main page anyway. If you use groups, setting rules, adjusting settings, or use a filter to find video your basically handicapped. I had to create an emulated android device with android studio to create rules because they wouldn’t save or update settings before the crash. but for some reason im still paying monthly subscription fees. and please dont suggest its my phone it worked fine at one point.