0918 23 April 2021

I am having issues with the Android Wyze App.
First the app has started randomly freezing up, just does not react to any screen touch. I close and reopen, stays the same. Only solution so far is to totally uninstall the app, then go to the store an redownload and install. Then, it will work for a while but but eventually freezes again. Frustrating.

Second. Why all of a sudden, when working with settings, I look at a particular item on the settings list, any item, when I click the Back arrow on top, it takes me all the way back to the Wyze Home screen instead of the Settings screen. i.e. then, i.e. Notifications, and go to the notifications screen. But when I click on the top left arrow, which should take me back to the setting main page, it takes me all the way back to the home page.
Same thing happens with my Watch 47. I go to settings list, and no matter what I do, when I tap the back arrow on the top, it takes me back to the home page. Just this morning, I had to click on my home page watch icon over 12 times trying to get some of my settings straight.
Bottom line, the top left arrow is supposed to return to the previous page, not all the way back to the home page. This needs to be fixed. Not sure exactly when it started doing this, but it needs to be fixed.

I’m on Android and do not have those issues. What version of android are you on? What version of the app? The back arrow at the top left takes me back to the previous page and not the home page.

Have you reached out to support?

Thanks for the response. I am on Android version 10 on a Motorola G Power phone. Yep, that is what the arrow is supposed to do, but mine always takes me all the way to Home page. Almost as though I have got a bad version of the app. However;

My other problem is that my app freezes frequently and I have to delete the program, redownload and reinstall to get it to work for a while, then it freezes up again, so I have downloaded the app from the store at least a dozen times in the past three days.

I am in touch with the support team, but so far they have not been any help, but I am still hoping.

Thanks again…

Bill G.

That’s odd. I’m honestly at a loss for what the issue could be. I’m on Android 11 on a pixel 3.

I’m with you, doesn’t make any sense. Actually the first time it froze, I was on the phone with a Wyze support agent. Didn’t make any sense to him either. He had me delete, redownload, and reinstall the app as a solution. And we had to do it three times while he was on the phone. I submitted an issue report, but never got a response…

If I get a solution, I will pass it on to you just for your information.

Thanks again.


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what is your cache reading when the app starts freezing? can you look at that or possibly get a file explorer and see if you have oddly large files in the Wyze folder. something tells me it’s reading something really really large and that’s what’s freezing it. in the past they has issues with log files constantly writing and taking up gigs of space…I wonder if that’s happening here.

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