AWS issues still 12-15-21 lights not connecting/turning off

Woke up this morning and my lights weren’t connected in the app. Tried to turn on manually and they just turn off. Still having issues with AWS even though it was allegedly fixed. It’s ridiculous that you cant merely disconnect them to use as regular bulbs.

Aws site was down as of 0900

AWS is back on. Still my plugs and switches are dead.

The wall switch LED is blinking fast. The app says it is disconnected. What should I do now?

All my outdoor plugs and indoor plugs are not network connected. What should I do now?

Wait for AWS IOT to come back up. Vacuum, bulbs, plugs, all sensors and other IOT devices are still out as Amazon Web Services is not completely restored:


Is there any chance this outage would cause the plugs’ blue lights to continuously flash? Found both of my outlets not working (one said ‘offline’, the other looked fine, but could not be controlled by the app), with their blue lights continuously flashing slowly. Tried removing them and adding them back in with the app, but same result. Reset both of them and re-added, even put one on a different network, but again, neither can be controlled by the app, and they’re both slow flashing blue. Started googling, and discovered the AWS issue; really hoping that’s the problem because if it’s not, I haven’t a clue what to do to resolve.

Why are light bulbs and plugs reliant upon AWS when they’re merely an on and off command through the app on “local wifi”?:man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

I’m having the same issue. Came home and all my plugs were flashing. I was away most of day doing chemo and I couldn’t even put a light on for my dog’s so they would have light. Hope this gets fixed soon

issues here still at 5pm CST. tried the resets and adding back into the app. app says it’s connected, lights flash during set up but cant use app to turn on or off.

It’s 1840 EST. I was able to trick some of my bulbs to come on, but the app still shows no connection (cloud with diagonal line). Plugs are responding from the phone app.

Why use AWS? They crash a lot.

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