Why can't Wyze bulbs work without AWS?

I don’t want to jump on Wyze about the AWS outage because it was out of their control. However, I’d like to know why the product has to rely on AWS connectivity to even turn on? I get it that the convenience of turning on/off lights remotely is useful, but can’t there be a solution–a basic/dumb setting to have them work without AWS??

Before I even knew about the AWS outage, all I knew was that all of my lights wouldn’t turn on according to their schedules. When it dawned on me that I was sitting in the middle of a darkening house, I went to turn them off/on and NOTHING. I went to the app and NOTHING. I reset one light just to turn it on and I couldn’t keep it from leaving the setup mode flashing (or even change the color!). I’m thankful that I didn’t install them in my entire house or it would be pitch black or a disco party of setup flashes.

I wanted to give you guys another chance, but I’m so over your products issues. When they work, they work fine, but man you really need to get your s**t together. I’m still waiting for the ticket that I put in for the v1 cams to be resolved. I’ve gone from four cams to my two v2 cams and when those get borked by an untested firmware update or iOS update I’ll take a hammer to them just like I did my two v1s (it was very therapeutic).

The Wyze Color bulbs were my last purchase of a Wyze product because I stupidly thought, “how could they screw up a lightbulb?” Hmph, I guess anything is possible. I’m done with Wyze and their Chinese-recycled crap that other Asian companies with scrambled Scrabble tile names copy and sell for less.


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I dont understand why they get a pass on AWS. This stuff is above my paygrade but all my bulbs from competators are still working / have never gone down. I have had to order replacements for 19 wyze bulbs because they went down on the 15th and I still cant add them back.


Interesting that you mentioned that you can’t get your bulbs back up. Just for the hell of it, I went to try and set my color bulbs back up again and SURPRISE none of them were found by the app.

Before I get anyone on here from Wyze or not to try to tell me how to “correctly” set them up–don’t even go there. I’ve had plenty of practice with this garbage.


Dump them and go with Phillips that use Zigbee. You just have to get a hub, and never again need a third party to turn the lights on.