Auto Unlock stopped working for me

I’ve had a Wyze lock for many months at this point. The auto-unlock has always been “hit or miss.” Working about 50% of the time. Recently, it is stopped working all together. What is odd, most of the time after I have given up waiting for it to auto-unlock, and I get to the Wyze app on my phone to manually unlock it, when I select the lock I am greeted with a warning that that states “auto-unlock is in progress to, do you want to cancel it?” (or something like that). A few times I have clicked “No” and waited, and waited, and of course it never unlocks. If I select “Yes” cancel it, most of the times the app just goes back to the home screen again. I usually have to exit the app, force close it, and go back in before it will allow me to select the lock to unlock it. I have tried rebooting my phone (that used to work sometimes), changing the batteries on the lock (it was down to 18%), and power cycling the Gateway. All to no avail.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G that is running running Android 10, with the latest security patch. Version v2.11.40 of the Wyze app. The lock is running version And the gateway is running

Anyone have any suggestions on how to diagnose this?

I am happy to report, that with the upgrades in the app and firmware, it seems to be working much better now. It would still be nice to know of any way to diagnose what’s going on when it starts acting up again.