Auto turn on when sensing plugged in device is turned on

if my wyze plug is off and i have a lamp plugged into it, i would love for the plug to turn on when i cycle the switch on the lamp. This way i don’t have to bend down to push the switch on the plug or educate guests that in order to turn on the lamp, they have to click a switch on the side of the plug.

the old X10 plugs did this and it was a super cool feature.

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This is a cool Idea! The only issue would be how would the plug sense that there is power flowing if it is not providing any? Maybe a sensor for when the plug is inserted into the plug? What do you think?

Apparently they called this “local control” and it sensed the current draw. This should be a standard smart plug option!

Q509. How do I defeat local control of lights and appliances? A standard appliance or lamp module will turn itself on if the power switch on the device it is connected to is switched on. This provides local control. This is not always desirable, however. Local control depends on the current draw through the module; if it exceeds a certain value, the device turns on. Some devices (compact fluorescent lamps, for example) seem to have low impedance and keep switching themselves on even when explicitly turned off. This local control can be disabled for appliance modules. Procedure: Inside each module, there is an integrated circuit labeled “PICO- 570” or “PICO-536C” Cut the lead that goes from pin 7 of this integrated circuit to the hot AC connection.

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Would love to see this feature in the wyze plug

Wyze Plug feature request

I have used X-10 controllers for years, still use them. They are similar to the Wyze plugs but use the house wiring to communicate instead of Wi-Fi. One benefit is that when a lamp is plugged in to the X-10 plug it will detect when you turn on the lamp at the lamp so that you don’t have to use the remote switch. The remote swich is never nearby. Thus it works for anyone even those who don’t know about the remote switch. To reset to remote control you just turn the lamp off and then on again and it flashes and then turns off so that the remote switch can turn it on. The Wyze plug could work the same way if it simply detects the on-the-lamp switch status change via a current draw.