Audio Hub extension (e.g., Keypad Audio) for Wyze Home Security

Sleeping upstairs it is head to hear the alarm go off. We need an additional speaker for different rooms than the base is in. Shouldn’t be hard to create.

Agree with all posters. It would be a great improvement if the keypad audio would provide —

Pings as entry delay counts down
Alarm siren whenever base station is also in alarm - press “X” on keypad to silence that local siren (but not cancel the alarm or disarm the system) — might need it to be quiet when Noonlight calls or to call 911.
Notification of any open entry sensors or motion-detected motion sensors when arming for HOME or AWAY.

Additionally, add these capabilities as integrations with ALEXA or other smart speakers.

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Should be just like the doorbell Chime, just tied to the HMS, or maybe make it possible to tie both doorbell and HMS to the same Chime.

This feature would help false alarms when your wife doesn’t realize you set the alarm, comes home, opens the detached side garage door and does not go directly inside and instead is greeted by the police expecting a break in.

Audio Extension for Home Monitoring Sense Hub

I want to be able to extend the audio output for the Sense Hub like the wyze doorbell speaker. So when a door with the entry sensor is triggered that speaker would beep. Maybe even have the audio say Front Door, Back Door, Side Door, etc. The Sense Hub audio is not loud enough to hear the beep at the current moment when a door is opened.

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Yes! Integrating a chime into the home monitoring system to extend the alarm range is a must have. We have had false alarms due to our kids opening doors when the alarm is set, but we never heard the alarm go off in our part of the house in time to disable it. Adding a chime feature would increase the protection proved by the security system as well. If our alarm goes off in the middle of the night, we can’t hear it from our bedroom!

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wyze pad alarm set off, beep and/or message

What I am wishing is that the pad, beside saying the common 3 key words( home, away, or system disarmed) to beep or repeat the phrase, “alarm was set off” or "beep beep beep Alarm, door was opened beep beep beep " or just a plain “beep beep” for 10 seconds when the alarm is set off. This may seem as an odd feature but my wyze base is all the way to the other side of the house and we never hear it when the back door and the door that goes into the garage are opened but we can hear the pad mentioning that the state of the alarm was changed. Thank you in advance!


Connection to additional speaker

Since I have the hub in the center of my home it would be nice to be able to additional speakers so I could hear the tones once I go to bed. Can’t hear it in my bedroom.

2 updates ago the volume output was cut, the last update increased volume but the high setting is still lower than it was originally. That is part of the problem. But additional speakers are needed, especially for larger houses or people with detached garages.

Also don’t try to reset your monitoring service to fix the hub volume, you may get an unfixable white screen of death on the monitoring app where you can’t access any of the controls.

Home Monitor multiple speakers

I am looking to add another speaker to duplicate what the HUB alarms on. We can not hear the hub in parts of the house, and would like to have the alarm there as well. How can we accomplish this?

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Agreed, I have been wanting this for a while. I was hoping with the new version of hardware it would be offered. The doorbell even seems louder than the Hub alarm speaker.

I asked for a louder notification over a year ago. I’m still waiting.

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1. Wyze Sense Hub Siren Volume Lower Than Desired

  • Fix-It Friday - 2/18/22 *

Wyze News

HUB SIREN VOLUME STILL LOWER THAN IT USED TO BE Last Fall, around September, the Hub Volume dropped considerably from a firmware update. The High volume seemed to be at the level the Minimum was before…very, very low. On October 18th firmware was released intending to fix this issue. Per the release notes: Fixed a bug that caused a decrease in Wyze Sense Hub voice prompt volume from last update and while some things had volume restored to higher volume levels, such as the entry …


The low volume is due to a hardware limitation. We’ve heard your feedback and are working on supporting Wyze Home Monitoring audio on Wyze Chime. This will allow you to decentralize the audio and have it in the rooms that you care about. We’ll share information about it when it’s ready!

Thanks for the acknowledgement and updated information.

Security system keypad suggestion

Since it’s obvious the remote keypads can issue voice messages, why can’t all the keypads in the house notify when the system is put in or out of active modes? In other words. I have three keypads, if I change system state the only one that announces is the one I used. Also, when the condition goes into alarm for notification, I only get that indication at the hub which is where the siren is generating the loud noise. Why can’t the remotes also indicate with the same type of noise or a message indicating an alarm is active? My hub is not close enough to the bedrooms because of Wi-Fi issues. Thanks

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I mentioned this in the Wyze Monitoring and Sense Discord chat, but I have my Wyze Home Monitoring Hub at the loudest setting, but my house is quite large and the sound doesn’t travel as far as it needs to. I was wondering if I could buy another Hub device and sync them up, that way I’d have multiple devices going off all over the house. Or if I could connect it to bluetooth speakers that I place all over the house. I like the idea that others have mentioned about having the keypad also make noise - that would work, and I could place multiple keypads in different corners of the house so the sound is strong everywhere.

Glad to hear there’s a Beta Firmware update coming up that will increase the Hub sound by 8db, but I’d still like the option of having multiple devices. Super large houses just need multiple devices of sound output.


It has certainly taken a very long time to address this issue

Home alarm keypad notification

Do the keypads have countdown as to when alarm is going to go off? Or can it “say” something to let someone coming in that alarm is activated? I have 1 keypad in my basement and I don’t hear my hub “beeping” when alarm is activated. I prefer that a noise or sound would be made as to let an intruder know that alarm was triggered.

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Welcome to the community @1bluescreen

No, the Hub does the countdown and only speaks when it is armed or disarmed. At least this has been my experience

If you have Alexa, you can set up rules which will announce when certain doors are open or the cameras see a person.

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Is it possible to come out with chime plugins that work with the security system so you can have it go off in multiple rooms or multiple floors… In addition an ability to set voice chimes for when doors and windows open?

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