Alarm Sound from More Than Just the Hub?

When the entrance alarm goes off, sound ONLY comes out of the Hub. I have the Hub in the center of the house but we can’t here it in parts of the basement, upstairs, or out in the garage. And Wyze doesn’t sell just alarm modules. This is really becoming an issue for us.

Is there a way to configure the keypads to also sound the alarm? I can’t seem to find a setting that would do this in the Android app.


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Short answer is no. You could create rules to sound the siren on certain cameras if the contact sensors are triggered.

I only motion sensors and keypads. I don’t want cameras in the house.

Then the answer is no. You can probably do something with a smart plug and the sensors to activate some sound device, but the keypad doesn’t have any capability to alert, that I can recall.

Well. Damn. Thank for the replies.