Audio Help - Last Words of Murder/Suicide

I’m Andrew, a real person from Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. My wife (Jan) and I were divorcing in May of 2021 when she was killed in a murder/suicide by her boyfriend, Chad. Jan and I have a 6-year-old daughter together. Jan had a WYZE video camera in her home that was facing out the front window, so although it didn’t capture the video of what occurred, it did capture the terrifying audio of the brutal murder. I obtained the camera files from the police in an open records request. Chad, the suspect, storms into the room and right before he shoots her, he says two words to her and then shoots her nine times. I’d really like to know what he said to her. Then a few seconds after he’s finished shooting her, it sounds like she whimpers out a couple words and I’d love to know what she said. I want this information so I can understand why this happened and someday share it with my daughter. I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to work with the files and see if you can adjust the settings to decode what was said. There are two files, each is only a minute long. Please let me know if this is something you’d be willing to do or if you know someone else who the right talent and technology for this. Thanks for your consideration!

I’m very sorry for your and your daughter’s loss Andrew. :cry:

Please do not publicly post the video or audio on this forum. I have increased your forum trust level to allow you to communicate with fellow forum users via personal/direct message (PM), including the ability to attach video/audio to your PMs. If a forum user replies here in this topic and wishes to attempt to enhance your files, please either pass the source files via PM or via email (exchange email addresses via PM).

In the meantime, you may wish to try enhancing the audio yourself via the VLC app. Try boosting the audio output level and apply some of the VLC filters to reduce noise.


@noreaster35 Sorry to hear of that tragedy! You may consider looking into some of the following AI projects or plugins that can help you analyze audio, including sometimes where voices are hard to make out:

Izotope RX: This is a powerful suite of plugins that can repair, restore, and enhance audio quality. It uses AI to detect and remove noise, clicks, pops, hums, reverb, and other unwanted sounds. It can also isolate and boost voices, adjust levels, correct pitch, and more

Accusonus ERA Bundle: This is a collection of plugins that can improve the quality of your voice recordings. It uses AI to automatically detect and fix common issues such as noise, reverb, plosives, sibilance, and de-essing. It also has a voice leveler that can balance uneven audio levels

Sonible smart:EQ 3: This is an intelligent equalizer plugin that can adapt to the characteristics of your audio material. It uses AI to analyze the spectral content of your audio and create a custom filter curve that balances tonal issues and enhances clarity.

Descript: This is an online platform that can transcribe audio and video files using AI. It can also edit audio by editing text, generate synthetic voices, remove filler words, add sound effects, and more. It can handle noisy or low-quality recordings and produce accurate transcripts

There may be others coming out over the next year. AI is booming fast right now and new stuff is exploding. Run some searches occasionally. If none of the above works for you, there may very well be something that comes out in the next year.

It’s possible that the audio quality is too poor and muffled for any enhancement to help enough, IDK how good/bad the quality is, so I can’t say, but it is worth looking into some of those projects and seeing if they can help you. Best of luck!


Andrew, sorry for your loss. Try Audacity (free open source audio software for Windows, Mac and Linux). You may be able to adjust the Equalization frequencies to hear voices. Here are some links on getting Audacity and using EQ.


I LOVE Audacity!

Yes, Andrew, try out Audacity as suggested by StevenA. It’s a wonderful free option and you can try out all kinds of tweaks yourself fairly easily.


Most likely the audio will need to be extracted from the video file. The VLC app that Seapup mentioned can be used to extract an audio file.


Andrew, I don’t have any tips or advice, but I wanted to pass along my condolences to you and your daughter. I am so terribly sorry for what your wife went through, and what you are still going through. Much love, hugs, and warmest wishes to you and your daughter.


That is a great response. I wouldn’t recommend sharing the file with anyone.
Descript is probably the easiest. I used it a lot on live theater storytelling events that were badly recorded. You just bring in the file and then select ‘Studio Sound’. You can reduce the amount of "studio sound’ if any of it cuts out.
It’s such an awful thing to have happened.


So sorry to hear about this. I’m a programmer and will certainly give it a try if you would like.