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Hi Everyone. I’m new here and I need your help.
I have two Wyze cams. I had the cameras monitored my mom during her cancer. The cameras was on her for three months from January to March. She passed away late March. I didn’t know Wyze has a record function because I’m very bad at technology. Does anyone know if Wyze has recordings of her or past recordings backed up in their server? I tired to contact Wyze support months ago but received no answer. Those recordings are all the memories I have of her. It would mean the world to me if anyone can help. Thank you very much. #ask-the-community #captured-on-wyze #


Hello @2034 and welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear of your loss and you have my condolences.

If any recordings went to the cloud you would find them under the events tab in the app, after 14 days the recordings are deleted from the servers.

Sorry about your loss.

If you executed any “Take Photo” or “Record” buttons, those resulting images and videos will be on your phone.

Hi Paul

You didn’t mention SD cards but if you had an SD cards in the cameras and the cameras haven’t been used dince March there would be video on the cards.

Hi Jason. Thanks for the reply. It’s already past 14 days unfortunately.

Thank you myswtest. Yes I didn’t know about those buttons on the phone. I’m so bad at tech.

Hi Angus. I didn’t have an SD card and didn’t know there were a slot for it.

My Dad has been gone many years now.
The best memories are always with you. You don’t need video. :slight_smile:

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