I need help Wife left me because of camera audio

Please everyone watch video and tell me what you hear and where it is coming from wife left me because of what she heard I can explain it but I praying you can thank you very much will up load video


(seriously, sorry to hear it)



We are just fellow users and this is a public forum. You can use the Wyze app to save a copy of videos to your device and then upload it to this (again, public) forum if you choose to.


You pasted the text of the file path on your phone, but didn’t upload the file yet.

If you select the upload button in the forum and then navigate to the file and select it, it should upload here.


Funny, I knew OSX and iOS used Unix but didn’t know the iPhone used and exposed /var for storage.


Even if everyone agrees in your favor, will that make your wife understand there was a failure to communicate?

The opinions of a bunch of people who most have never seen each other won’t amount to much.

If she left you because of something she heard, she was most likely halfway out the door anyway

/DrPhil OFF