Are you neighbours south of the border as lucky as we Canucks are?

Got this email five minutes ago, very tempting…

Yuh. :slight_smile:

@habib , you guys need to start using real :heavy_dollar_sign: :rofl:
I already have Cam Plus unlimited with two cameras in operation currently. My house painting will be finished tomorrow so I can reinstall the other 10 cams and play with the new features on the app.

I know, what a rip-off :rofl:

I bit the bullet and ordered it. Now I’ll have a brand spanking new toy to play around or go crazy :rofl:

That’s OK. It cost me $99.00 U.S. dollars to buy anything here in California that only cost $40.00 a year or so ago. :upside_down_face:


Just like everyone else, blame it on COVID.

I was tempted to post a link to South Park’s “Blame Canada” here, but then I thought about the Community Guidelines:


Never got into South Park so I have no clue what you mean :wink:

That’s fair. It’s not everyone’s cup of :tea:.

Be sure to complain. :wink:

Is there even a point when no one listens :man_shrugging:

Loved the first one, not so much the franchise.

Huh? Did you say something?


I kid. You actually wrote one of my favorite posts that I’ve read here so far.


I don’t sugar coat anything, I am diabetic :rofl:

That reminds me of Brick Top in Snatch:

    Brick Top: Go and put the kettle on. [for tea]
    Turkish: You take sugar?
    Brick Top:

That’s one of the best excessive films I’ve seen. Not everyone is qualified to make a film like that. They should have just stopped.

Hands down, one of my favourite directors.

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