Well this sucks

Hi, …

So I bought 2 of the new cam pan 2’s when they had that 2 for 1 BOGO thing or whatever it was called about a month or so ago. Doesn’t matter … Order #CA-22066

Anyway, what the hell did they do to the cameras, they don’t work for crap? If I power it down or as of tonight upgrade the software it they keep failing!

Tonight my App said: Hi, wanna upgrade? Sure ! - press this green button and poof its at 4.491.47 and then I had to walk the wife thru adding it back on for the 5th time. I’m not impressed. I miss the old days when they were really $40 bucks too.

I’ve now had to re-add the one camera about 4 times BACK in to my list of 13 older ones. THEY are work great !! Has anyone else been seeing this? My old can pans have been rock solid since day 1.

I expect better … I’ve been a fanboy since day one don’t leave me hanging!


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