Any clue what's going on?


OK, I have 11 cameras …

 Type               Name            Firm                          Start Date         MAC              Error
  ----                -----            -------------         ----------         -------         -----------

1 A cam pan Liv Rm 2 Ver 07/29/2019 1A:72:F9 No SD Found
2. A cam pan Liv Rm 1 Ver 10/18/2022 1B:A3:7D Seems OK
3. A Cam V2 Bed Cam Ver 07/29/2019 1C:A6:EC Seems OK
4. A Cam V3 Side Yard Ver 04/18/2021 2B:BF:1F Ate my card
5. A Cam V3 Car Cam Ver 04/14/2021 28:89:2A Seems OK
6. A Cam V3 Back Yard Ver 04/14/2021 28:6F:D7 Ate my card
7. A Cam V3 Front Door Ver 04/14/2021 28:89:CB Seems OK
8. A Cam V3 Dave Trck Ver 04/14/2021 28:89:12 Seems OK
9. A Cam V2 Deck Cam Ver 07/31/2019 13:7D:89 Seems OK
10. A Cam V2 Art Cam Ver 07/29/2019 1C:A8:6E Seems OK
11. A Cam V2 Side Cam Ver 07/16/2019 15:B7:BE Formating still …?

I just saw a weasel stroll off with someone Amazon packages and I went to review the camera and it was supposed to be on continuous recording and it said there was no video - well that sucks - so I reformatted all of them to make sure they’re happy …

Two of the new V3’s seems to have ate the SD card(s) and one is still formatting - any idea what gives?

I have two more new Pan Can V3 's arriving next week - they better work! !?? :slight_smile:
Any suggestions?


So what’s your question?

You said you have 11 camera, then list 7 of them. Are you asking why several uSD cards are not working? If so, how old are these cards, are they set to continuous recording, what kind of cards are the?

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Sorry I clicked it and made it post before I was finished adding everything … done now.

I’m also trying to update the ones at to the new but they’re whining about it.
Just gonna keep re-trying.


You did not mention what kind of cards. Assuming the cards are as old as the dates you listed, it is very possible that the cards have just died. They do have a finite life span.

Doing this by memory, but that sounds like some of your V3 cameras got the update before it was halted (some issues). I just looked, and all my V3s are, but I’m a beta tester.

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Yep, maybe - I’ll try a cold boot and one more update - if they fail I’ll grab the ladder and pull the cards and see what they are! Tks !


If my memory is correct about the 4.36.9.x vs 4 36…10.x firmware versions, you will NOT get the update on any camera that did not already get it before that update was withdrawn.

There we go - out of 11 only one original cam pan is no happy and one V2 says it can’t see the card.

All the V3’s are happy now and can again see and use the SD cards after a cold boot and an update.
I tried to update them a few times but no joy on them till a cold boot - maybe that bit of an FYI for folks.

Thanks for the suggestions and help !


Also are you using High Endurance Micro SD Cards? If not, that could be why many are failing (or acting flakey) sooner than expected.